WDS question

I've just started using WDS to automate Windows 7 deployment (I want it fully unattanded, joined to domain, etc) but it always prompts me for disk configuration. I've specified the disk layout I want and set WillShowUI to Never but it always prompts. What am I doing wrong? I've searched and found various snippets from ImageUnnattend.XML files but none of them work for me.


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    You also need to specify where to install the image (which disk and partition), that's probably what it's asking for. I can't remember which component it's under though sorry.
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    I tried that but it still prompts me. What else can I try?
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    Here is a snippet from my WDSUnnattend.XML file. It wipes the disk and creates a single partition to fill the disk, then installs to that partition.

    <Disk wcm:action=\"add\">
    <CreatePartition wcm:action=\"add\">
    <ModifyPartition wcm:action=\"add\">
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    Damn, I was close but not quite close enough. Thanks for sharing your config with me.

    I have another WDS question but will start a new thread.