DFSR event id 5012

I am trying to create a DFS replication group between two servers but nothing replicates. I have noticed event id 5012 being logged on one of the servers: The DFS Replication service failed to communicate with partner server2 for replication group MyReplicationGroup. The partner did not recognize the connection or the replication group configuration. Partner DNS Address: server2.mydomain.local Optional data if available: Partner WINS Address: server2 Partner IP Address: The service will retry the connection periodically. Additional Information: Error: 9026 (The connection is invalid) Connection ID: 72D97789-3536-4C7B-8E60-FEBA52F634D4 Replication Group ID: 0C169A50-377D-4B81-BDBA-E71C9CD7CE35 Any ideas anyone?


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    What's the setup? Are they at different locations? If so have you checked the required firewall ports are open? I always restrict DFS replication to a single port to make it easier. Also, make sure you allow enough time for the DFS servers to sync with the local domain controllers.
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    They are both in the same building on the same infrastructure (same subnet in fact) so no firewall rules required. One is Windows 2008R2 and the other is Windows 2012R2. I have waited several hours for AD, even specified the DC when using "dfsrdiag pollad".
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    Are files replicating despite that message in the EventLog? Try using the dfsrdiag backlog command to see if it is waiting to replicate.